Estate Organizer

Estate Organizer

When a loved one passes, the task of settling their estate amid grief can make an already painful task a difficult one. Locating insurance policies, bank accounts, loan documents, retirement plans, passwords, and other important information and documents can be a daunting task.

In our Estate practice, we often see boxes full of paper and a sorting process that can last for weeks. Frequently uttered phrases such as “I know Mom had an insurance policy, I just can’t find it,” and “I thought Granddad kept the title to the car in his desk drawer, but I don’t see it.”

With these concerns in mind, we have developed an organizational system to organize all the documents, passwords, keys, and other important information and keep them all in one place.

The MyEstateBox, or ME Box, is a tool that will help you organize all of this information and more. It will not only help to keep all of your important documents and information at your fingertips, but will also be invaluable for your heirs when the time comes.

Included with the MyEstateBox are the following items:

  • Heavy duty plastic tote with ergonomic handle
  • Twenty-two separate hanging file folders prelabelled for appraisals, utilities, and everything in between.
  • Seven additional blank file folders
  • A bag with key tags for key identification and access.
  • A password book
  • Three waterproof bags for passports, birth records, or important photos.
  • A sharpie marker, a thumb drive, and an